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Tried and True Tasty, Healthy Alternatives to Halloween Candy

  Written by: HealthStreet Volunteer Phoebe Jin

HealthStreet, a community-engaged research initiative at the University of Florida, and the UF College of Nursing are hosting the an Our Community, Our Health event (OCOH) on the evolving role of nurses in health care. This town hall meeting facilitates two-way communication between the community and researchers. We share ideas about priorities for health research and ways to communicate research findings and blends ideas for research from multiple stakeholders across the country.
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Did you know?

Less than 2% of the population participates in health research. Women, older adults, members of racial/ethnic minority groups and rural populations are often underrepresented in research, leading to findings that do not account for everyone.

HealthStreet was created to include many populations to make research findings a reflection of our diverse community and to help create health findings that can be applied to the greatest amount of people.

HealthStreet Gives People a Voice in Health Research

HealthStreet is a community engagement program at the University of Florida with that improves the health of our community by bridging gaps in health care and health research.

Using our four aims, Assessment, Service, Education, Community, HealthStreet is able to provide people a voice in research and their community’s health.


If you're a community member, researcher, or organization HealthStreet is here for you.


UF Health: The Power of Together

See how UF HealthStreet is part of UF Health's thoughtful long-term business plan that empowers us to build on success and continue to meet future needs of those we serve.

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