Edition Information: Volume 3, Issue 5, 2016

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     This Month's HealthStreet Statistics:


107 NEW HealthStreet Members

122 NEW Navigations to UF Research

  98 NEW Enrollments to UF Research

  68 Blood Pressure Screenings

   2  Screenings For HIV


7,526 Total HealthStreet Members   

***Numbers reflect data collected between 3/19/2016 and 4/18/2016***


Mental Health Facts: HealthStreet Members

38.4% -- prevalence of mental illness as a health condition*

44.5% vs 27.1% -- rate of mental illness in unemployed vs employed

41% vs 36.6% --  rate of mental illness in uninsured vs insured

42.8% vs 32.6% -- rate in females vs males

93% -- members interested in health research

*Mental health conditions include ADD/ADHD, anxiety, autism, bipolar disorder, depression, eating disorders, mania, personality disorder, schizophrenia.


Research at HealthStreet: What if online gaming could improve older adults’ well-being? 

“HealthStreet helped us find our target population in local communities and introduced our research to them," Dr. Yu Hao Lee, principal investigator. 

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HealthStreet Takes the Wheel on Community Engagement and Research!

HealthStreet's new orange MINI cooper will be driving community members to medical and social services and doctor's visits. The car was won as part of Illumina's "Go Mini Scientific Challenge."

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Join us, May 17! 6th National Our Community, Our Health: Mental Health Solutions in Our Communities

Join a conversation about mental health care by tuning in with the live stream link or attending in person, May 17!

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Out In Our Community: 

HealthStreet's Community Health Workers (CHW) engage people in the community to participate in health research on a daily basis. This past weekend, CHWs Brianna and Alana went to the 37th Annual 5th Ave Arts Festival. “Typically we are in the midst of organizations that are not necessarily focused on health research.  I feel like we are a unique program that provides community members many opportunities to participate in health studies" Brianna Aldridge, lead community health worker. 


HealthStreet Shows Value of Diversity in Research at Inaugural Diversity and Inclusion Forum

The forum, hosted by the UF Clinical and Translational Science Institute, was  held to discuss improving diversity and inclusiveness in the health research enterprise. Here, HealthStreet navigator Lauren Light discusses what HealthStreet can do to help private investigators with their study enrollment. 



The goal of the HealthStreet Cancer Research Outreach program is to increase enrollment and diversity in cancer research studies -- called clinical trials. We want to make access to studies easy and personalized. Once you are a member of HealthStreet, we match and discuss with you the studies that suit your interests and needs, and connect you directly to the research coordinator.

We also have reliable, state of the art cancer and general health resources available at our facility with staff to assist you.

Contact Cheri Knecht, (352-294-4882) for assistance with resources, clinical trials information or other cancer related concerns.


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Every month, HealthStreet hosts a variety of services, Community Health Worker outreach efforts, classes, support groups and events that aim to better the community's health! 

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Resources for Researchers

HealthStreet offers great services to UF investigators. Community Health Workers meet community members in the field and link them to studies through the coordinator. We also routinely check our population database for persons who may fit eligibility criteria for UF studies.  Find out what HealthStreet can do for your research study! 

Pictured:  Pictured:  Participants in the Interactive Games to Increase Older Adults' Sense of Social Connectedness Study. The private investigator for the study was Yu-Hao Lee, PhD. Study coordinators were doctoral students Min Xiao and Robert Wells.

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