Our Community, Our Health Recap

National Public Health Week at the University of Florida featured UF HealthStreet’s first national forum, “Our Community, Our Health,” on April 9th. This unique forum was held by NIH Clinical and Translational Science Award institutions and brought together over 150 community members from nine locations throughout the country for a conversation with health researchers.
Around the country, there is a new movement to give everyone a voice in the research enterprise. Because only 2% of the population participates in research many voices are not heard. We began a national conversation to change all of that.

All sites joined live-streamed presentations by experts at the University of Florida who specialize in conditions that are top health concerns—diabetes and hypertension. Health Literacy Missouri concluded the evening with information on how to talk to health care providers. Participants were invited to discuss the topics and ask questions, encouraging a mutual understanding of health research and its impact. Please stay tuned for upcoming dates for future Our Community, Our Health forums.


“Our Community, Our Health”