June Cancer Connections discusses HPV: Changing the Face of Head and Neck Cancer

Dr. Christopher Balamucki from the The Cancer Center gave a presentation on Human Papillomavirus during June’s Cancer Connections meeting held at HealthStreet. Barb Thomas, the group coordinator, brings in a speaker each month to discuss various topics including nutrition, physical and emotional therapy, current research and home care.

The presentation, “HPV: Changing The Face of Head and Neck cancer”, provided an understanding of the condition and its impact on head and neck cancer, specifically oropharyngeal cancer.

Dr. Christopher Balamucki (Left), Cancer Connections Coordinator Barb Thomas (right)



“Approximately 75-80% of the population is exposed to HPV in their lifetime, and the majority of people (90%) clear the virus within 2 years without ever knowing they were exposed,” Dr. Balamucki said. “For those that develop a dormant infection, the virus puts them at risk for developing a cancer later in life.” Dr. Balamucki suggests parents vaccinate their children at a young age to lower the risk of HPV.

Cancer Connections is a community group open to all cancer survivors, patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals. It meets every 3rd Wednesday of the month from 12 pm to 1 pm. For more information, please contact Barb Thomas at bnbbarb@aol.com