Research at HealthStreet: Taking Mental Health Mobile

A new research study conducted at HealthStreet is taking mobile application usage one step further: to see if people would use an app to monitor and manage their mental health.

An interdisciplinary team of doctoral students from the College of Public Health and Health Professions is conducting a new study at the HealthStreet facility. The study, led by principal investigator Dr. Jeffrey Harman, aims to assess the community’s perception towards mobile application usage to monitor and manage their mental health needs.

The students, César Escobar-Viera, Parker Hinson and Jessica Spigner, are also using this study to see if mental health care management can be facilitated through these apps to help Primary Care Physicians better serve their patients. The information gathered will serve as the groundwork for a prototype mobile application to meet these aims.

The project incorporates a multi-phase needs assessment that uses both quantitative and qualitative data in the form of surveys and focus groups. HealthStreet has assisted in the recruitment process along with providing a meeting room for focus groups.

The study gathers data from adolescents ages 12-17, the caregivers of adolescents, young adults ages 18-24 and Primary Care Physicians from both urban and rural areas of Alachua County.

For more information on participating in the study, please contact César Escobar-Viera at (352) 363-4471

            HealthStreet has assisted in the recruitment process along with providing a meeting room for focus groups – Doctoral Student César Escobar-Viera

HealthStreet has an extensive population of community members available to UF researchers and eager to participate in study recruitment! For more information on navigating a study through HealthStreet, please contact LePaige Godfrey at (352) 294-4873