HealthStreet Helps the Brain Rehabilitation Research Center with Study Recruitment


BRRC Research Clinic Manager Carolyn Hanson states that it is challenging to find veterans interested in participating in research on brain injuries. See how HealthStreet’s member database helped the process.

What is the Brain Rehabilitation Research Center?

The Brain Rehabilitation Research Center’s (BRRC), a Center of Excellence in Gainesville, Fla., develops and tests treatments that use neuroplasticity to improve impairments (motor, cognition and emotion) caused by injury or disease. The BRRC has a rigorous four-step screening process for its various veteran studies; many of the studies have eligibility criteria that seeks veterans with these impairments.

The Difficulty Finding Interested Veteran Participants

According to BRRC Research Clinic Manager Carolyn Hanson, investigators find it challenging to find interested participants to even begin the screening. She said that many people are not willing to commute to the center’s Gainesville facility, unable to meet the motor requirements and background medical check, or have too mild or severe impairments.



How HealthStreet’s Recruitment Services Helped

However, Hanson is thankful that HealthStreet’s extensive veteran database makes the recruitment process more simple: HealthStreet has assisted in referring a total of 34 veterans with stroke or traumatic brain injury to the BRRC to begin the screening process.

“Many HealthStreet people have been referred to the BRRC over the years. HealthStreet has assisted in sending people our way, people who may not have heard of us otherwise.”  – Research Clinic Manager Carolyn Hanson,  

Brain Rehabilitation Research Center

Hanson  and the BRRC are thankful for HealthStreet’s ability to be a great resource for the community!

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