Research At HealthStreet: Older Adult Brain Function Study


HealthStreet is currently recruiting for a study that investigates how everyday health factors affect brain function in older adults.

Why Participate?

HealthStreet members who participate receive two weeks of computerized brain exercises to strengthen their brain’s abilities at no cost! They will receive a screening for sleep apnea at no cost! At the end of the study, they will also receive the results of their sleep study, results of their brain exercises and a gift card to Target or Walmart.

Are You Eligible?

  • 65 or more years old
  • Able to read and speak English
  • Willing to complete survey asking about your preference for times of the day
  • Not currently diagnosed with a serious medical condition
  • Not experiencing severe and untreated mental health difficulties
  • Not currently diagnosed with a chronic pain condition (fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, or arthritis are okay)
  • Not currently diagnosed with a sleep disorder (insomnia is okay)
  • Unable to provide informed consent

How Has HealthStreet Helped?

Karlyn Vatthauer, the coordinator for the study, said HealthStreet has been effective to continue to refer individuals that are excited about improving their brain abilities. “HealthStreet has done its part in referring 33 patients to participate in our research study since May of this year,” she said.

Interested In Participating?

For additional questions, please call: HealthStreet’s Study Navigator Lauren Light at 352-294-4873.