Fresh Wagon brings fresh fruits and vegetables to an area near you

Do you wish you had farm-fresh food available near you? Well, HealthStreet and Fresh Wagon have partnered to increase food security in the community. 

  • Fresh, high-quality fruits and vegetables will be available to community members at reasonable prices through a program by Common Thread International Inc. called Fresh Wagon.
  • Fresher than what you buy at a grocery store and the wagon stops are located in neighborhoods, churches, schools and community centers.
  • Every Thursday from 1-5 p.m., the wagon parks a mobile farmer’s market outside the UF College of Public Health and Health Professions building.
  • Fresh Wagon accepts cash, credit card or EBT card.

If you are interested in taking advantage of this mobile farm market, click here for a schedule and list of locations.



In close partnership with HealthStreet, the UF IFAS Program for Resource Efficient Communities and the Florida Survey Research Center at UF, the Fresh Wagon program aims to encourage workplace wellness, increase consumption of fresh foods and make permanent changes in our local food system. It is based on a research-driven strategy that uses community engagement, food proximity, and health education.

HealthStreet is partnering with Fresh Wagon and UF IFAS Solutions to provide culinary information and collect important data, which will allow us to better understand issues surrounding the consumption of fresh foods and risk factors for metabolic diseases.

For more information, visit the Fresh Wagon Facebook page.

Common Thread International Inc. is a community-based, nonprofit, health information and food security research organization, based in northeast Alachua County and serving North Central and Northeast Florida.