UF Study to Assess the Health Benefits of Gardening

A group of research scholars at the University of Florida Department of Environmental Horticulture are exploring the effects of engaging in gardening or art activities on the psychological and physiological outcomes of healthy women.

“We are conducting this study to shed some light on the relative effects of engaging in gardening or art on the biometric changes in cardiac physiological status and psychosocial status of a wellness population of women,” Raymond Odeh, graduate research assistant and coordinator of the study, said.

Both programs will take place at Wilmot Gardens on the University of Florida campus, and sessions are scheduled to begin in October and last through November.

Odeh said that this is a very interdisciplinary study, bringing together researchers from multiple areas of focus. The hope is that the multiple perspectives and methodologies that have been used to develop this study will lead to robust comparisons and significant findings to inform the community about participation in gardening or art programs.

Odeh said that HealthStreet has been very useful to the study. “HealthStreet has been very supportive with our recruitment efforts,” Odeh said. “Overall, it has been a pleasure to work with HealthStreet.”