February is Heart Health Month

heart monthAppropriately recognized around Valentine’s Day, Heart Health Month encourages healthy living habits to improve heart health and to decrease the risks of heart disease. According to the CDC, cardiovascular problems, such as high blood pressure, coronary artery disease, and even stroke are some of the top health concerns in the nation and are the leading causes of death for Americans.

The American Heart Association offers several statistics to provide a stronger understanding of the severity of the impact of heart disease. Strokes count for around 1 in 20 deaths in America, with an average of one stroke occurring every 40 seconds. Additionally, there are around 2,200 heart disease related deaths happening every day.

Simple lifestyle adjustments can help promote a healthy heart. Reducing sodium intake, implementing a workout routine, and cutting out smoking are a few first steps that can make a difference to one’s heart health.

UF HealthStreet offers a number of free resources for heart health-conscious community members, including blood pressure checks, yoga sessions, and cooking classes focused on nutrition and healthy living. See our monthly calendar here.