Recognizing the Service of HealthStreet’s Brianna Aldridge

Community Health Worker Brianna Aldridge
Brianna Aldridge, Community Health Worker (lead) and Volunteer Coordinator at HealthStreet

Brianna Aldridge joined HealthStreet in June 2015. Since then she has become one of the most recognizable faces on our team. Whether at an event around town or at the HealthStreet offices, chances are you’ve seen or talked to Brianna (and maybe had your blood pressure checked by her).

In her role as Lead Community Health Worker (CHW) and Volunteer Coordinator, Brianna has assisted in the training of volunteers and interns as well as introduced hundreds of residents to the benefits of enrolling in HealthStreet for health education, community services and participation in research.

What she likes best about being a member of the HealthStreet Team is the impact she’s able to have on the health and wellbeing of community members.

Her passion for community service stems from wanting to understand the impact public health issues have on people at the social and economic levels.

Brianna shared,

“Thinking about Flint, MI where the city is primarily black and they haven’t had clean water for years…not having clean water to drink, is absolutely a public health issue. But there are other issues at play in Flint and those are what I care about— figuring out why—and then figuring out what we do about them.”

Brianna will be leaving HealthStreet in July to pursue her Master of Public Health from the University of Maryland.

We celebrate Brianna’s dedication to HealthStreet and service to our community.

We thank Brianna Aldridge, for all of her hard work and wish her every success.