Practice Mindfulness & Creativity with HealthStreet and #352Creates

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Want to relieve stress, boost memory, and improve focus?

Mindfulness is the ability to be present and fully aware of your experiences in the moment.

In partnership with 352Creates, UF HealthStreet will be hosting a day of mindfulness and creativity on Friday, August 10th. Adults and children will be able to engage in fun, focused activities that will give them an opportunity to get creative and practice this meditative state of mind.

Yoga & Art w/ #352Creates
Highlights from previous #352Creates events at HealthStreet.

Mindfulness exercises will include:

Adult Coloring: Coloring isn’t just for kids anymore. This activity has recently become popular with adults for its many therapeutic benefits, including improved focus and attention to detail. Melt away your stress or anxiety by coloring in designs and find yourself entering a meditative state. Coloring sheets and colored pencils included!

Yoga: The practice of yoga has been used for centuries to exercise physical and mental mindfulness. The practice gives your mind a break from everyday life and encourages you to just focus on the movements of your body.

There will be plenty of activities for kids, too!

Face Painting: Children can sit back and relax as they get their faces painted with fun designs.

Spirographs and Coloring: Children can improve their focus by learning how to create fun and easy art.

Mindfulness Games: Jenga, Zingo, and Simon Says!

Please join us and experience the benefits of mindfulness with HealthStreet and #352Creates!

Practice Mindfulness and Creativity. Yoga, adult coloring and more. August 10th from 12 to 2pm.