In Case You Missed It: OCOH, “Pesticides and Health: What We Need to Know”

Audience and panelists at a Town hall at Healthstreet
On August 29, 2018, HealthStreet hosted the 18th national Our Community, Our Health (OCOH) town hall. This meeting addressed the impact of pesticides on health and featured panelists with backgrounds in neurology, social policy, farmer-worker advocacy, and child and family sciences.

The discussion focused on the epidemiological evidence linking certain pesticides to Parkinson’s Disease, the developmental issues caused by the recently banned pesticide, Chlorpyrifos, and the exposure to pesticides that farmworkers face in their daily work.

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The panelists included:

Jeff Bronstein, MD, PhD, Director, Movement Disorders Program and Professor of Molecular Toxicology, Neurology, UCLA
Jeannie Economos, Pesticide Safety and Environmental Health Project Coordinator, Farmworker Association of Florida
Joan Flocks, MA, JD, Director, Social Policy Division Center for Governmental Responsibility, Levin College of Law, UF
Joe Grzywacz, PhD, Department Chair & Norejane Hendrickson Professor, College of Human Sciences, FSU

Our moderator was Pamela Koons, Executive Director, At The WELLness Network, Inc. and board member of the Gainesville chapter NAMI.

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OCOH audience