HealthStreet Spotlight: Brittany Lynch

We are pleased to announce Brittany Lynch, as the Communications and Marketing Specialist for UF HealthStreet!

Brittany Lynch
Brittany “Bee” Lynch, Communications and Marketing Specialist for UF HealtStreet

Brittany “Bee” Lynch is a recent Santa Fe College graduate, receiving her Bachelor’s Degree in Multimedia Video Production. While earning her Associates of Science Degree in Mass Communications in California, Bee interned for a summer at Sacramento’s major news station, KCRA. From this first step, she has been able to help on independent film sets and work in the television industry. Bee’s recent project titled “The Visual Poetry Project: Unity” was selected for Apollo Theater sister project ShowBiz Stories. With her unique background in digital media and video production, Bee hopes with the endless possibilities of creative content that she will bring HealthStreet to a new level of community engagement with an even closer bond with the community. She is determined to highlight the work HealthStreet does, not just during events such as Night of Dance or OCOH, but also during the everyday tasks and operations that keep HealthStreet running smoothly. One of her marketing goals for HealthStreet is helping younger people become more involved in the public health sector through social media posts and videos.

“Photo and video are mediums that have been able to bridge the creators and the people who consume it. They are key to bringing viable and visually exciting content to communicate scientific research and public health information”-Brittany Lynch

Despite not having an academic background in public health, Bee has volunteered her time to help the community having taught English as a second language at a local church. Her experience there was humbling and fun. She made connections with diverse community members from around the world, many of whom she still keeps in close contact with. Bee is passionate about finding ways to reduce homelessness and food insecurity. In a country that has plenty to give, she is always believing that there are more sustainable practices that people can use to help them grow and live a comfortable life. Bee believes in the basic needs for every human: clothes, healthcare, food, safety and shelter. Her future goals are to devote more time to public service work, fulfill her video production ideas, and spread kindness. 

We are excited to welcome Bee Lynch to our team as Communications and Marketing Specialist for UF HealthStreet!