How Common is Diabetes within your Community?

Did you know that about 9% of adults living in Alachua County Florida are living with Type II Diabetes?

Self- Reported Type II Diabetes Reported by HealthStreet Members from Alachua County by Year

Among adult HealthStreet members residing in Alachua County, roughly 10% report Type II Diabetes. The graph above shows HealthStreet members who self-reported Type II Diabetes from 2012 to present. It also compares the rates of Diabetes among HealthStreet members with those for Alachua County. 


Self-Reported Type II Diabetes Reported by HealthStreet Members in Alachua County by Zip Code

Note: The data labels above are assigned based on quintiles.

The above map of Alachua County shows prevalence of Type II Diabetes among HealthStreet members by their residence Zip Code. The Zip Codes 32658 and 32694 have the highest prevalence of Type II Diabetes, followed by 326533266632640 and 32667.


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