HealthStreet is here for you!

HealthStreet Community Health Workers (CHWs) have been reconnecting with community members throughout the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure your needs are heard and addressed.

Our CHWs can provide you with tailored referrals if needed. We also provide free cloth face masks, clothing and toiletries during our hours of operations.

For general COVID-19 resources and statistics, you can visit our COVID-19 resources page or call HealthStreet at 352-294-4880.


How has COVID-19 affected Florida residents?

Did you know that more than 640,000 Florida residents have tested positive for COVID-19?

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Gender and Race of HealthStreet Members by

COVID-19 Test Result

Note: The data is among HealthStreet members who reported getting tested.

Among those who reported being tested, 24 (4%) adult HealthStreet members reported a positive test for COVID-19 and 83% were Females and 46% were African-American/Black.


Reported Health Conditions of HealthStreet Members

by COVID-19 Test Result

Note: The data is among HealthStreet members who reported getting tested.

The above chart shows reported health conditions among 591 HealthStreet members who reported getting tested for COVID-19. Consistent with national studies, HealthStreet members who were COVID-19 positive reported a higher rate of Hypertension, Type II Diabetes, and Obesity than those who tested negative.


Among HealthStreet members who tested positive for COVID-19, 54% reported two or more of the above mentioned conditions (Hypertension, Type II Diabetes and Obesity), compared to 27% who reported testing negative.


To find out community-based testing sites near you, click here


Back by popular demand, Health Planning Council of Southwest Florida will be showing Blood Sugar Rising: America's Hidden Diabetes Epidemic again.


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