Mixing arts and science to promote vaccine confidence

UF Center for Arts in Medicine, UF College of the Arts, UF HealthStreet, and Our Community, Our Health have all partnered to promote vaccine confidence and education around COVID-19. Last week a series of vaccination events took place alongside the unveiling of multiple murals on campus. Vaccine education was provided as well as vaccines, and booster shots.

Those involved with the project said the art was about creating unity and hope; the murals created a dialogue surrounding vaccine confidence.

"I think what's so exciting about this project is it's a really fresh take on discussing vaccinations," said Alexandra Rodriguez, director of the project. "I think people are really exhausted about talking about COVID. And so to bring up this idea of vaccination in a way that is engaging, I think is really important right now."

For a list of upcoming vaccination events view the calendar here.

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The Suwannee River Area Health Education Center provides enrollment services for health care coverage

The Suwannee River Area Health Education Center provides free and confidential telephone, virtual and in-person enrollment services to those looking for health coverage options through the Marketplace. The Special Enrollment Period is available to those who have experienced one of the following qualifying life events in the past 60 days:

• Lost coverage through a job for any reason including retirement, being laid off, being fired, death of a spouse, death of a
parent, or loss of COBRA.
• Lost Medicaid, Florida Kidcare, Medicaid Share of Cost, or premium-free Medicare.
• Moved to another country, state, or from overseas.
• Gained employment such that you now qualify for Marketplace financial assistance.
• Turned 26 and aged off your parents’ health plan.
• Lost a student health plan.
• Gave birth to a child or adopted.
• Got married or got divorced, either of which affected your health coverage.
• Had a change in immigration status that made you newly eligible for the Marketplace.
• No longer incarcerated.

Call 386-230-9400, or email Navigator@srahec.org to make an appointment with one of the Suwannee River AHEC's Navigators


Upcoming COVID-19 Vaccination Events

The Our Community. Our Health team will be at the following locations this week. For a full list of events happening this month view the calendar here.


HealthStreet Community Health Worker (CHW) Outreach Calendar

CHWs work to improve the health of our community by going out on outreach each week to provide medical and social referrals, build meaningful relationships, and give everyone the opportunity to participate in research. CHWs will be at the following locations this week.


Join Virtual HealthStreet

Virtual HealthStreet is an online community of people who answer confidential surveys regarding lived experiences with drugs and provide information on new and emerging drugs. Click here to join.

Community Health Workers

Would you like to join our team?

We are hiring people from our community who want to work with us to improve the health of their neighbors and friends.  Does this sound like you?  If so, we want to talk to you!  Please call and speak to one of us about what we are doing and how you might join our team.

HealthStreet Event Calendar

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NARCAN® Nasal Spray may counteract the life-threatening effects of an opioid overdose. Since most accidental overdoses occur in a home setting, it was developed for family, friends, and caregivers - with no medical training required.

HealthStreet has partnered with Florida Department of Children and Families to distribute NARCAN® in our community. Call 352-294-4880 today to get your own NARCAN® Nasal Spray.

Research Study Opportunities

Below are a few studies that you can participate in now:

+ The Arginine study is examining how chemical and physical changes in arginine in the bacteria of the mouth can affect cavities and gum tissue. Eligible participants must be 30-80 years of age and live within 25 miles of UF. 

+ The Muscadine Wine study is examining the effects of dealcoholized muscadine wine on improving oxidative stress, inflammation, skin health, and gut microbiome in women. Eligible participants must be female, non-Hispanic white, and 40-65 years of age.

+ The Truant Youth study is developing a program to encourage youth to attend school and engage in after school activities. Eligible participants must have a child 13-17 years of age that has missed at least 5 days of schools in the past 3 months.

+ The OxyOxy study is examining the effects of oxytocin and oxycodone on decision-making and behavior. Eligible participants must be 21-45 years of age and use opioids recreationally.

+ The Family Fit study is seeking feedback on an app in development to increase physical activity for families. Eligible participants must have a child 9-12 years of age and live within 25 miles of UF campus.

If you are interested in hearing about these or other studies, please contact our Study Navigator, Sara Marsh, at



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