Our Community, Our Health

A National Conversation about Health Research


Our Community, Our Health (OCOH) is a town hall meeting that facilitates a two-way conversation between the community and researchers.

It is a platform for:

  • Sharing ideas about health-research priorities;
  • Communicating research findings to the community; and
  • Integrating ideas for research from multiple stakeholders across the country.

How it works:

  • Each event has both a physical audience and people from various locations tuning in via live-stream;
  • Sites hosting local events begin with a community reception and local updates;
  • Then, all sites join a brief, live-streamed town hall comprised of health researchers, health experts, and community members;
  • Participants are invited to discuss studies and future research with the presenters, encouraging a mutual understanding of health research and its impact; and
  • Polling and social media are used to facilitate questions and comments across sites.

Each OCOH event features researchers from different sites, and feedback from participants is used to improve the forum as it continues to develop and expand. All events are open to the public at no cost.

Become a Participating Site

If your CTSA site is interested in hosting an OCOH, University of Florida HealthStreet can help! The OCOH is an innovative way to engage the local and national community in the public health process while creating an opportunity to showcase your institution’s current research. To find out more about hosting an event, please contact us at 352-294-4880.