Research at HealthStreet

HealthStreet Study Navigations and Enrollments:

  • More than 12,202 HealthStreet members*
  • Approximately 50 percent of HealthStreet members have been navigated to a research study*
  • Of those navigated, 40 percent were enrolled in a research study*

*Data Through March 2021

HealthStreet also provides the following for UF researchers:

  • Navigation of screened and eligible participants in our database
  • Space at our facility for research studies, meetings, or classes with free parking
  • Survey design assistance
  • Socio-demographic and health profiles of North Central Florida Community for papers and grants

See what researchers at the University of Florida have to say about us: Testimonials

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If you’re interested in collaborating with HealthStreet, contact our Study Navigator, Sara Marsh at 352-294-4873 or for more information.