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HealthStreet makes it easy!


HealthStreet’s Mission

HealthStreet was created with the mission to reduce disparities in healthcare and research.

HealthStreet aims to increase the community’s trust in research through meaningful collaboration.

With a Community Health Worker, each community member completes a health intake that assesses his or her health concerns and conditions from head to toe.

What does that mean for you? With a cohort with more than 11,976* members, we can readily connect willing participants to your study who meet the eligibility criteria from the data we collected!

 HealthStreet’s Study Navigations and Enrollments:

  • Nearly 50 percent of HealthStreet members have been navigated to a research study*
  • Of those navigated, 40 percent were enrolled in a research study*

HealthStreet also provides the following for UF researchers:

  • Navigation of screened and eligible participants in our database
  • Space at our facility for research studies, meetings or classes (with free parking)
  • Survey design assistance
  • Socio-demographic and health profiles of the North Central Florida community for papers and grants

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If you’re interested in collaborating with HealthStreet, please fill out the form below or contact Sara Marsh at or 352-294-4873.

Research Recruitment Consultation Request

  *Data Through 10/13