Importance of Research
Have Your Voice Heard in Research

Less than 2 percent of the population participates in health research. Women, older adults, members of racial/ethnic minority groups and rural populations are often underrepresented in research, leading to findings that do not account for everyone.

The goal of health related research is to improve the lives of people in the community studied and to further healthcare overall. Health research helps enhance specialists understanding of strategies to promote health and gauge disparities in the community. Health research may develop new treatments or advance preventive medicine.  However, it can take years until these treatments become available to the public. By including the community in research, researches can better understand health problems and can improve health care.

HealthStreet was created to include all populations in the research process so that research findings will be a reflection of our diverse community and applicable to the greatest number of people.

You can have your voice heard in health research by becoming a HealthStreet member.  Call HealthStreet at 352-294-4880 to schedule an appointment with a HealthStreet Community Health Worker.