New Research to Study Breathing and Swallowing Across a Human Lifespan

A new UF study will examine swallowing and breathing in healthy adults in order to better understand how swallowing and respiratory impairments manifest and progress in individuals with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). The goal of the study is to answer “what does normal breathing and swallowing look like across the lifespan?”

“In order to better understand how these impairments manifest and progress, we must first understand normal swallowing and breathing functions in healthy adults across the lifespan,” said Lauren Tabor, coordinator of the study.

The study was chosen in parallel with other current studies investigating these functions in individuals with ALS in effort to identify differences in function and develop efficacious treatments.

Although there are many theories, the cause of ALS is unknown and current treatments are primarily exploratory. This study supports ongoing efforts involving ALS research to better understand the disease and ultimately discover advantageous medical and behavioral treatments.

“HealthStreet has provided services to facilitate patient and volunteer recruitment and assist with funding opportunities for patient compensation and study support,” Tabor said.