“HealthStreet staff were instrumental in assisting me to recruit an otherwise challenging-to-reach population for my pilot study. In addition, HealthStreet provided me with a convenient and private space to conduct my focus groups. My participants found HealthStreet to be easy to get to by bus or car and felt at ease being greeted by the friendly, HealthStreet staff.”

– Kathleen Egan, PhD, MS, NIDA Postdoctoral Fellow

“Many thanks for all your time and efforts in recruiting the subjects for this study. You guys are so wonderful and I’m looking forward to continuing to rely on HealthStreet for my future studies.”

-Ali Barikroo, Doctoral Candidate, Department of Speech Language & Hearing Sciences

“Recruitment is typically the most challenging aspect of our smoking cessation studies — HealthStreet allows us to cast a wider net and reach people who otherwise would not have heard of our program.”

– Sarah Martner, Graduate Student, Department of Psychology

“HealthStreet staff members are on the ground in the community talking to people and making connections. They have helped us get the word out and recruit for a broad range of families in the community that we might not have had access to otherwise.” 

– David Fedele, PhD

“HealthStreet continues to be a tremendous resource for our ongoing study. Overall, I’ve been very pleased with the HealthStreet staff (Jackie and Ashley) and those participants who I’ve been fortunate enough to interact with.” 

– Rogelio A. Coronado PT, CSCS, FAAOMPT

“I contacted the HealthStreet staff as I was nearing the end of data collection for my dissertation research. After providing them with information about my recruitment goals, they quickly connected me with potential participants interested in hearing about my research. Furthermore, HealthStreet was able to provide a convenient, comfortable, and private space for conducting my interviews. It is an asset to the University of Florida to have HealthStreet foster partnerships with the community and promote community engagement in research.” 

– Christa Cook, MSN, RN, APHN-BC, Doctoral Candidate

“…we are now finished recruiting and interviewing participants for the insurance decision study. You and the others at HealthStreet were an incredible help in making the data collection a success. It’s great to have this resource at UF.”

– Christopher Harle, PhD, Assistant Professor

“I think what you have at HealthStreet is great! And elsewhere there is such a focus on earning money and getting patients in and out with no consideration of quality.”

– Marilyn C. Dumont-Driscoll, MD, PhD, Associate Professor