Can anyone access your services, or are these services only for UF students?

  • Our services are open to everyone. However, some services require pre-registration (e.g., Equal Access Clinic Eye Clinic and Occupational Therapy Clinic).
  • Certain HealthStreet services do require community members to become HealthStreet members- HealthStreet membership is free.
  • HealthStreet hosts a variety of support groups that are open to everyone, with no HealthStreet membership required.
  • HealthStreet’s bi-monthly town hall series, Our Community, Our Health, is open to the general public at no charge.

Are your services free of charge?

  • All services available to the general public are free-of-charge.
  • HealthStreet also provides recruitment services to researchers, some of which have a fee.

Does HealthStreet still provide confidential HIV testing, counseling, and safer sex kits?

  • Yes. The “safer sex kits” can be picked up at HealthStreet and HIV testing and counseling is available by appointment. For an appointment please call 352-294-4880.

In order to access your services, do you have to bring a picture ID?

  • No ID is required. If members need to access to member-only services, we ask them to verbally verify their identity.
  • We do ask all guests for their first name and last initial to log the number of HealthStreet facility visitors each day.

Are appointments required?

  • Appointments are required for certain services (e.g., HIV testing and counseling).
  • No appointment is required to access our clothing closet and toiletry pantry or receive referrals.

Do people have to complete an application for your services?

  • Those who wish to become HealthStreet member will need to complete a Health Needs Assessment with a Community Health Worker.

Do you have translation availability?

  • We do not currently have multi-lingual employees, but many of our volunteers and interns can provide translation in Spanish.

Does HealthStreet have United Way approval?