Welcome to HealthStreet

HealthStreet is a community engagement program at the University of Florida that aims to improve the health of our community by bridging gaps in healthcare and health research.

Using our four pillars—Assessment, Linkage to Care and Research, Bidirectional Education, and Trust—HealthStreet is able to provide people with a voice in research and the ability to take part in their community’s health.

HealthStreet Community Health Workers (CHWs) assess health concerns, conditions, and research perceptions of community members. CHWs provide medical and social referrals and link community members to health research that is relevant to their health concerns and conditions. HealthStreet is located in Gainesville, FL, but reaches people all across the State of Florida.

Whether you’re a community member, a researcher, or an organization, HealthStreet is here for you!


To reduce disparities in healthcare and research through community and other stakeholder engagement.


If you’re interested in becoming a member of HealthStreet, please call 352-294-4880 or come by and see us in person.